The foods are perfectly balanced in terms of content of minerals and vitamins, according to the latest feeding standards and proper nutrition principles. They guarantee appropriate mineralization of bones and teeth as well as correct metabolic processes. They are based on meat derivatives, making them suitable for feeding dogs of all breeds. The addition of linseed oil, a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and a host of other biologically active anti-inflammatory compounds additionally provides phytosterols. Apart from regulating fat metabolism, these also improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Rafi pet foods feature high digestibility of all nutrients and are adapted to the needs of all pets.

Dry food has many supporters not only among owners but also dogs. Its unquestionable advantage is the possibility of longer storage, but also exceptional taste, as in the case of the RAFI line. The composition of the food is properly balanced and adapted to the needs of the dog, thanks to which it receives a wholesome meal. A properly composed recipe covers the pet’s needs for all nutrients and minerals. The dry food from the Rafi line brings complete protein and unsaturated fatty acids to the pet’s diet, i.e. the necessary ingredients for proper development. At the same time, the food helps to take care of the condition and condition of teeth – thanks to its specific structure and consistency, Rafi dry food helps to remove tartar.

The ingredients in RAFI Junior are precisely adapted to the needs of puppies and growing dogs. It meets all nutritional requirements, guaranteeing correct, balanced growth and mineralization of teeth and bones in young dogs. RAFI Junior contains fatty acids in proportions ensuring correct metabolism, in particular EPA and DHA acids, which are responsible for, among other things, the proper development of the nervous system in growing dogs.

Pet foods precisely adapted to the needs of adult dogs of all breeds, developed on the basis of the latest norms and nutritional guidelines. A source of complete protein with high digestibility from selected varieties of meat and animal derivatives. Contains fatty acids in proportions ensuring correct metabolism. The source of fats and unsaturated fatty acids is exclusively animal derivatives. The presence of polyunsaturated occurring in high-quality animal derivatives has a beneficial effect on skin function and fur condition. This additional makes the pet food rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as stimulating peristalsis of the digestive tract.

RAFI CAT is a line of complete foods intended for adult cats of all breeds. It covers 100% of the daily needs of your pet for all nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It features a high content of complete protein with high digestibility. This pet food contains fatty acids in proportions ensuring correct metabolism. Vegetable fats, animal derivatives, and fish derivatives are a source of unsaturated fatty acids. Thanks to their correct balance, they ensure that all metabolic processes take place correctly. The addition of vitamin E and zinc help maintain proper skin function and the appearance of the fur. The addition of taurine regulates calcium homeostasis, aids in the correct development and functioning of the retina, and also plays an active role in the protection of nerve cells from damage.