Rafi with BEEF

500 g

Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds – with beef
Rafi with beef is a wet food that is rich in complete protein, yet low in fat. Meat and products of animal origin from beef provide the valuable amino acids lysine and histidine. They are also a source of valuable n-3 and n-6 fatty acids, which regulate various vital functions in adult dogs. The formula has been enriched with blueberries and cranberries which, thanks to the bioactive compounds they contain, mainly procyanidins and flavonoids, have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Thyme, in turn, has antibacterial and beneficial effects on digestive functions. Rafi Beef contains iron for normal blood metabolism, as well as selenium and zinc, covering the daily requirement for these nutrients.

Rafi with LAMB

500 g

Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds – with lamb
Wet Rafi with lamb is an easily digestible product for daily feeding of adult dogs. Meat and raw ingredients from lamb are a valuable source of the amino acids methionine, isoleucine and cystine. It also contains complete protein, B vitamins and many valuable micro- and macroelements essential for proper functioning of pet’s body. Fatty acids from the n-3 and n-6 family are responsible for supporting natural immunity. They also participate in regulating metabolic processes and have a moisturizing function – they have a beneficial effect on the condition of skin and fur. Rafi wet food contains an appropriate proportion of selenium and copper. The addition of thyme contributes to the sensory appeal of the product. Blueberries and cranberries, sources of many valuable vitamins and nutrients, increase value of the food.

Rafi with RABBIT

500 g

Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds – with rabbit

Rafi with rabbit is based on modern standards and recommendations related to proper nutrition of adult dogs. Its composition fully covers the demand for essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Meat and raw materials derived from rabbit, in addition to complete protein, are a source of iron, selenium and zinc involved in stimulating the body’s defensive functions. The food contains no added preservatives or colourings to improve taste and stimulate appetite. Inclusion of blueberries, cranberries and thyme naturally enhances the sensory appeal of the dog meal. Addition of linseed oil, rich in n-3 and n-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and substances with anti-inflammatory properties, also provides valuable biologically active compounds – phytosterols, which have a beneficial effect on improving the functioning of the digestive tract.


500 g

Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds – with beef tripes and pork ham

Based on modern standards, the recipe of Rafi wet food with beef tripes and pork ham has been adapted to the nutritional requirements of adult dogs. It is a balanced source of easily digestible and wholesome protein and fat. It contains all necessary minerals and vitamins in quantities that cover daily requirements. Wet food Rafi with beef tripes and pork ham ensures proper mineralization of bones and teeth, as well as proper functioning of all metabolic processes. Added blueberries and cranberries enrich the dog’s diet with a number of valuable biologically active compounds; and thyme increases the palatability of the food.